Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mark DeShong

After chatting with Mark DeShong on Facebook awhile back, I wondered: "Who is this idiot?"

Well, I found out but it's not really that interesting as he is truely uninteresting. But I'll share anyway.

Mark DeShong is involved with the horrid Vexes Media sites and is also listed as a manager for HOAX.COM LLC (which seems to be still in development... Troubles with the third-world designers Mark?) Here's a few quotes from Mark:

Review of directNIC
Subject: One of the most unethical companies - by
Mark DeShong of http://www.vexes.com/ on 02 Dec
DirectNIC is best known as domain squatters. They hijack your site when
it's time to reregister, then claim they sent you three (it's always 3) emails
that said this was going to happen if you didn't renew in time. Then, to get
your site back, you have to pay some ambiguous fee anywhere from $250 and down
to get it back. Total scum bags. No other hosting company has as many lawsuits
as these bastards do. Avoid "

From zug.com about http://www.medicaladoptions.com/
i have
dozens of sites like that. as you can imagine, i enjoy screwing with people from
time to time. i just wanted to post the link here after spending about 2 hrs
reading this site, the pranks etc and rolling on the floor to guage the general
anyway, i apologize to everyone.
You can also e-mail me at mark
AT vexes.com. it was simply a domain we owned and the definition pretty much
sums up well, my dry humor, cynical persona and woefully petty
tr.v. vexed, vex·ing, vex·es
To annoy, as with petty
importunities; bother.
I think up sites like that... then I get really
disappointed in myself for creating them and for even thinking it was funny in
the first place.
E-mail mark@vexes.comHomepage http://www.puppyprofits.com/
Bio when
there is a prank that goes so far that people immediately think "well, obviously
its not a joke because no idiot would take things this far" - i'm usually that
idiot.ICQ 89-632-715Country USABirthday 06-26

But I wondered where the hell he came from before. How did he get involved with Michael out of the blue... Then I found him. He's one of Michael Gardners porn-buddies from way back, known as "JR". Search google for site:oprano.com "j.r."

Still living in Seattle/Bellevue Mark? Whatever happened to the porn? Whatever happened to that magazine you were starting a few years back? Vibrant Living magazine wasn't it? Can't find mention of it... must've died.

Michael... have you got this guy running porn.net? What a disaster that is. Geez.

Anyway, like I said, nothing much interesting on this moron....


Mark said...

This guy is the most untalented hack there is. For some reason, he thinks that he is pushing the envelope of humor when he's really just not funny.

He had some site that was supposed to lampoon celebrity news and it went nowhere, never any comments, the same writer over and over whom I'm sure got paid in "exposure"

Stick to porn, Mark. At least no talent is required for that.

anni said...

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