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Monday, November 29, 2010

First, the old news

As I mentioned this is a post that was written last year some time. Some of it is out of date now but I'm posting it anyway.

Alot has changed since I last posted about Those Producers. This will be a huge update!

Officially, The Producers Inc have been reduced to just one. As of the annual report in April, the only one remaining is Vernon "Butch" Decossas. To make things interesting, his name is intentionally miss-spelled as Decosas. Anyway, removed from the company listing are Michal Gardner, Sigmund Solares, Noah Lieske, Donald Simonton, and William Moore.

In anticipation of his "promotion", Butch (or someone working for Butch obviously) has spammed his name across the internet in various blogs to water down his Google results. It's still quite easy to find information on him though. You can find out where he and his wife Lisa Decossas live, their previous jobs at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, etc.

Butch also registered a few domain names: which still has Vernons home address and personal email...

Butch and Donny Simonton have also gotten together to start Keypath, LLC. More details to come on that one...

Michael Gardner has been quiet but his wife Katie Gardner is reportedly pregnant. Congrats Katie and Michael! My suggestions for baby names: Melissa or Serge. Unfortunately no more teeny bikinis for you Katie! I also forgot to mention that Katie started another business last year (One Eight, LLC... check on for details) and used it to buy a house just a few blocks away from their home in Belleair Beach. It's a big step down from the other house, which they still own ofcourse, and it's not on the water but it's close by and has a pool. It looks decent. It's probably bought for a family member like how Michael bought a place for his sister Alysons family. What a guy!

Sigmund Solares has also been quiet except for some traveling, pool parties and buying a run-down place in Seffner. His sister, Vivian Solares got married though and now owns a restaurant with her new husband and Sig. Rajun Cajun Cafe & Catering in Metairie. Check it out. The gumbo is alright.

I was surprised to see Sigmunds old Money Tree Loans, LLC business still active with Vernon Delossas running it now. Again with the bad spelling? Really? Anyway, a quick search brings up this old gem:
by digest, 6/22/06 23:12 ET
If you own property in New Orleans be aware of this scam. There is a ghost company, Money Tree Loans, LLc. listed at 650 Poydras street, suite 1150, who are taking advantage of the disaster and displaced residents. The company is not actually at the address another company called Intercosmos, is listed at this address and may be part of this scam. My neighbor, who has paid bills and taxes religiously recieved a notice in the mail, from a tenant. The notice looks like junk mail and is listed under Money Tree Loans which does not exist. My neighbor had never recieved any notice to the home address from the city nor this company. The letter is signed by an attorney Sigmund J. Solares and they claim to have purchased your property. My neighbor had one tax bill in 2001 for around $50 dollars, a bill they never recieved. The number listed on the letter is a recording 274-2189. The other attorney associated with this white collar crime is David W. Nance. The city claimed to no nothing about the company. The letter to property owners also list a fax which rarely works and an e-mail address which does not exist. It appears these carpet baggers are using the disaster to hopefully find properties and steal them from the families who own them and truly worked for them.The letter from Money Tree, Intercosmos, tells you nothing about information regarding the lien, nor does it tell the resident where to go to pay this off. The mistake my neigbor had was the fault of CITY HALL, in 2001!! The company has been reported to the Attorney General and the City, who knows what could happen. The finance department of the city WILL NOT CONTACT YOU BY PHONE AND WILL NOT TRY TO FIND YOU, YOU MAY LOOSE YOUR PROPERTY. If you stay in New Orleans or come back, which I highly do not recomend, go by the city finance department and get in writing your property taxes paid up to date for at least 10 years.Corruption will prevent the rebuilding of New Orleans. "

What else do we have? We have Daniel Walter Bugmann! Apparently Daniel Walter Bugmann of Zurich looks after the Schaffhausen branch of directNIC Ltd. I'm sure directNIC is very popular in Schaffhausen to require it having it's own branch. Or it could have something to do with a couple companies called Snow Turtles Ltd. and Flying Stingrays, Ltd. Both are VERY interesting and worth some extra investigation. Snow Turtles has an insane amount of capital for a nothing company and look for from Flying Stingrays.
Also in looking back on my old posts, in particular the one on Domain Magic, LLC, I found that I forgot to mention an important detail... So to recap just the facts, we have a company named Domain Magic, LLC. The company was started by a Michael Barnett in Florida. Sigmund Solares has a friend since childhood named Michael Barnett... aka Buff, Ikilled007, Interdictor, Chatroomromeo, etc. After my intial post, Michael Barnett emailed me claiming his innocence. He said I was wrong - It wasn't him and that he hadn't worked with any of the Producers since 2003. What I forgot to mention was that I have the details on a court case - Chicago Architecture Foundation v. Domain Magic, LLC - where Domain Magic, LLC was represented by David A. Vinterella. Yes that David A. Vinterella... The in-house counsel of Intercosmos Media.

Also in the news is this:
"Local Technology Company Awards Members of The University of Tampa Graduating
Class of 2009 for Business Leadership

John H. Sykes College of Business Students Gain Key Business Skills During
Semester Long Competition

TAMPA, Fla., May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The Producers, Inc., a technology company
located in Tampa, today rewarded members of The University of Tampa'sJohn H.
Sykes College of Business graduating class for their efforts on proposing
successful business plans for the domain name "" Two teams
consisting of nine students won first and second place and learned important
business lessons during a business management case competition developed by
Dr. Jody Tompson through The Naimoli Institute for Business Strategy.

The contest began in January 2009 with 33 teams consisting of 150 senior
students participating in the capstone course. The graduating seniors were
asked to create a business idea using the domain name "" No
parameters were placed on the students. The competition culminated with the
four surviving teams competing for the top prize of a cash award. Faculty,
students, friends, as well as the four-judge panel consisting of Michael
Gardner, Sigmund Solares, Donny Simonton and Butch Decossas -- all executives
of The Producers, Inc. -- attended the finale and listened as each team
presented their business proposal. Despite the fact that all four
presentations were exceptional, only one could earn the top prize. Seniors
Alex Amini-Rad, Eric Speeth, Mike Torrance, and Carlos Acedo won first place
for their business concept of developing into a local portal where
visitors could learn about local events, purchase tickets to upcoming shows
and provide maps to various hotspots. The winnings team's motto for
-- Life Lived Eventfully -- also resonated with the judges.

"Supporting local university business programs is important for our company,"
said Michael Gardner. "We were honored to be part of The University of Tampa's
case study competition and view the initiative as a great mechanism to prepare
graduating business students for life after college. We congratulate the
winning team members for their hard work and all of the students who

Second place was won by Kyle Burdine, Lydia Watling, Nathan Taubenberger,
Raine Roberts and Maura Kafel for their business idea -- Get In The Loop:

"The case study competition provides students with the opportunity to learn
practical business skills and utilize them in a real business environment,"
stated Dr. Dean A. Koutroumanis, Assistant Professor of Management, John H.
Sykes College of Business. "The lessons learned go beyond the competition and
will enable the students to be even more prepared for their careers post

About The Producers, Inc.

The Producers, Inc. and related entities (TPI) is a leading, privately held
domain names registration service provider and portfolio holder, domain
advertising solutions provider, and web hosting company. TPI's customers range
from individual small business owners to Fortune 500 companies and consist of
over 500,000 domain name registrants worldwide with over 4,000,000 domain

About The University of Tampa --

The University of Tampa is a medium-sized, comprehensive, private university
located on approximately 100 acres of prime riverfront land in the heart of
downtown Tampa. It is the school of choice for 5,800 students from 50 states
and U.S. territories and almost 100 countries. More than half of
undergraduates are from Florida. Approximately 70 percent of full-time
students live on campus.

The University offers more than 120 majors, minors and pre-professional
programs through a strong core curriculum rooted in the liberal arts. An
Evening College presents degree programs to adults who want to study part-time
at night. Graduate degrees are offered for Master of Arts in Teaching, Master
of Education, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in
Accounting, Master of Science in Finance, Master of Science in Marketing,
Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Innovation Management and
Certificate in Nonprofit Management.


Michael Ward
Director of Marketing
The Producers, Inc.

And finally, 838 Camp St. in New Orleans is up for sale! They want $880,000 for it. Google it for a lovely picture and details...
Description: This 3-story townhouse with a 2-story service wing contains 5,514 SF and consists of first floor retail space and three apartments. One of the apartments is leased on a month-to-month basis. There is a common alley in rear of the building that provides access for off-street parking.

This building is located between Julia and St. Joseph Streets

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Verizon Sues Sigmund Solares, Michael Gardner, et al.

Verizon sues the gang for cybersquatting. What a shock!

I have an old update (really old) to post that I've misplaced but I'll get it here soon. It contains info on Keypath, LLC, Michael and Katies first child, Sigmund Solares Money Tree Loans business, Daniel Walter Bugmann and more.

I'll also write a ton on the Verizon case too...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Pool Party

In the Tampa area this weekend? Head on over to Sig's place for an easter party... Email me (thoseproducers AT gmail) for directions.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Money can silence people

Pay someone enough money and they won't talk about what they aren't supposed to talk about...

Just ask Butch and Ezra.

Why do you think Butch Decossas became an official Producer? Why is Ezra James (Ezra Hodge) the editor of Modern Domainer? To shut them up of course.

I've gotten a few emails saying that some of the links in my last post are down. I guess the Producers asked Chris to take down the offending evidence. I haven't checked the links yet but I'll do that tonight. Until then, I'm sure Google has cached copies of the Kenyatech logo and the other good stuff. Google image search "" and regular search "".

Any comments from The Producers Inc yet?? The silence confirms the guilt.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Producers Inc = Kenyatech

More proof for those still not convinced...

First, just for clarification, The Producers Inc is:
Donny Simonton
Michael Gardner
Sigmund Solares
Noah Lieske
Butch Decosas

and they own:

Intercosmos Media
Modern Domainer
Domain Contender
Alternative Identity
Vexes Media
etc., etc.


OK, so they also ran Kenyatech. (and Belize Domain WHOIS Service Lt. and a few other scams, it just keeps going)

Can I prove it? Yes. You see I have Dell Inc v. Sigmund J Solares; Intercosmos Media Group, Inc d/b/a; Domain Contender LLC; Alternative Identity, Inc f/k/a NOLDC, Inc; and Zipa LLC. But Sig and Company settled out of court for over 3 million you say? And The Producers Inc have never admitted to it. So how do you know, you ask? Well, I have a few more nuggets of information and I'd like to share one more of them with you today.

Michael "Chris" Freeman.

Chris worked as a graphic designer for The Producers Inc (Intercosmos before) from 1999 until late 2008. Don't believe me? Check his resume here:
and his letter of recommendation from Donny here:

Now Chris was one of the designers that worked on the Kenyatech website and graphics. See: .

It gets better... some of the Kenyatech files from his old Intercosmos days:

The rest of his old stuff contain a few more gems...*sr_6451nr_30/*

So now Donny, Sig and the rest. Still innocent? Really?

Anyone still dealing with these guys? Don't buy domain names from Directnic. Don't host your sites at Zipa. Don't park your domain names at Seriously.

Don't worry, I have lots more to come!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mark DeShong

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Domainer Mardi Gras

So I caught Hornets/Magic game on Wednesday. Thursday, I checked out Domainer Mardi Gras. Crawfish isn't my thing so Thursday night was a bust but I did get a chance to check out 838 Camp St... Today, Friday, there were a few boring sessions on domaining risks and taking your business offshore. Then it was a trip to 201 Bourbon St. for the Mardi Gras Balcony Party. Tomorrow it's brunch at the Court of Two Sisters in the French Quarter and then another balcony party... So, come down and say hi tomorrow night... 201 Bourbon Street. It's a blast.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The new Chief Technical Officer/Chief Information Officer


Chief Technical Officer/Chief Information Officer
Linux, Apache, MySQL, Java, .NET
Producers, Inc. and related entities (TPI) is a privately held leading domain
names registration service provider, domain names portfolio holder, online
advertising media solutions and web hosting company. Our customers, range from
individual small business owners to Fortune 500 companies, and consist of over
500,000 domain name registrants worldwide with over 3,800,000 domain names. The
Producers, was founded in 2006 by a small group of entrepreneurs, who since 1999
have achieved remarkable success, in creating internationally renowned
technology companies. Today we have offices in Tampa, Florida; New Orleans,
Louisiana; Schaffhausen, Switzerland; and Georgetown, Grand Cayman. Presently we
are looking for a Chief Technical Officer/Chief Information Officer to join us
in our Tampa, Florida office. As a member of the Executive Team, the CTO/CIO
will have full responsibility for defining, developing, and executing the
strategic information systems plan that aligns with overall operational
objectives of the Company.Essential Duties and ResponsibilitiesStrategic
Management* Works with the CEO, COO, and Business Unit Leaders in setting short-
and long-term technology objectives (development and acquisition) while
providing the leadership necessary to achieve revenue growth and attain other
Company goals and objectivesProject Management * Successfully manages resources,
timelines, scope, quality and risk for development efforts* Creates, maintains
and enforces relevant written policies, procedures, and workflows regarding all
technology operations and systemsTechnology Infrastructure * Responsible for all
IT initiatives including Disaster Recovery, Compliance, Infrastructure,
Application development and Security* Evaluates new equipment, software and
processes continuously, recommending changes as appropriate and overseeing
installation and implementation* Maintains knowledge of developments in the area
of systems and hardware to assure that new developments are incorporated in
future systems of the Company * Ensures confidentiality and reliability of
corporate data, proprietary information, and intellectual propertyWeb
Development/Design * Provides leadership, guidance and expertise to a team of
professionals that collaboratively design, develop, deploy and maintain quality
web-based applications and associated infrastructure * Leads the group in
establishing/enforcing standards, and otherwise provides guidance on the best
practicesHuman Resources * Performs all functions of personnel management of
department employees and manages staff to ensure that the technology needs of
the Company and its customers are met with the highest rate of satisfaction and
responsiveness* Keeps abreast of state-of-the-art and industry developments
through attendance at trade and professional meetings and seminars, trade shows,
perusal of the literature, and use of supplementary educational
activitiesFinance * Manage and implement multi-million dollar budgets and annual
business plans for the Company's information systems department, assuring that
plans meet organizational and strategic goals. * Negotiate multi-million dollar
contracts and manages relationships with vendors in order to ensure timely
updates and problem resolution Data Mining* Performs complex data mining tasks
involving the application of advanced data mining principles, practices, and
techniques * Interprets web statistics (web sites, online marketing programs
including PPC, banner advertising, affiliate, organic search, web 2.0 and
traditional marketing programs) * Identifies changes, trends and areas for
improvement and presents results to the Executive Team in order to drive/support
business decisionsProfessional Experience* A minimum of ten years of experience
in the management of information technology is required * Experience managing
enterprise networks, e-commerce applications and Internet securityKnowledge,
Skills, Abilities * Proven track record of successful new product development
and commercialization. * Extensive experience working with the following
technologies:o Linux, Apache o PHPo SQL - MySQL and/or Oracle o Java and .Net
Developmento Content Management o Internet Software Development o Publishing *
Ability to design and deliver innovative information technology, e-business and
customer service solutions* Understand project management methodologies and
tools and have a strong knowledge of applicable business areas, the supporting
technology architecture, and applicable processes* Strong negotiation, written
and verbal communication skills. * Aptitude to interact positively with
management, Board members, co-workers and business partners.* Superior
management and leadership abilities, planning, organization, execution, and
monitoring skills* Driven, action-oriented, strategic thinker with the ability
to translate strategies into operational objectives and projects* Ability to
articulate a vision, hold people accountable for development and achievement of
project plans to meet the technology strategy and provide long term leadership
and organization development* Ability to analyze technical, financial, market
and sales information to make positive, high impact decisions* Experience in
interpreting patterns in large quantities of data, resulting in trend analysis
& probabilities* Ability to travel - domestic and international Education*
Bachelor's degree in MIS, computer science, business administration or a related
field is required or equivalent combination of education and experience. An
advanced degree (Master's) in relevant field or MBA is preferred.We offer
competitive salaries and outstanding compensation package.Qualified candidates
please send resume with cover letter to
The Producers
5505 West Gray Street
Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 386-2826

Dear Kayle Powers (and Mike, Sig, Noah, etc.)

I'd like to apply for the position of CTO/CIO. I agree that getting rid of the unstable current CTO, Donny Simonton and the never-there current CIO, Don Moore is brilliance. That is your plan, correct? I fit your requirements to a "T" and I already understand your businesses. I can write code better than Moore and I can think up ways to scam domainers than Simonton. I'm the perfect fit. By the way Kayle, cool last name. I know a guy with the same last name (probably related) and he's never bored of the Austin Powers jokes we crack about him. At least I think he doesn't mind. Anyway, as a member of the Executive Team, I'd require a lovely beach-front 4 bedroom home near Georgetown, Grand Cayman as I know you guys are moving a bunch of the business that way. I'd also need full access to Sigmunds pool in Tampa (with bikini clad-women as usual), Michaels boat in Belleair Beach and a new company car. The usual 1-2% is fine.

I'll humbly accept the offer. Email me with the details. Thanks

Thursday, February 12, 2009

FTC Cracks down on Illegal “X-rated” Spam


In a crackdown on operations that illegally expose unwitting consumers to
graphic sexual content, the Federal Trade Commission has charged seven companies
with violating federal laws requiring warning labels on e-mail that contains
sexually-explicit content. U.S. District Court suits filed against three
operations seek civil penalties and a permanent bar on the illegal marketing.
Settlements with four other operations have imposed $1.159 million in civil
penalties. The settlements bar the illegal marketing practices in the future and
require that the defendants monitor their affiliates to ensure they are not
violating the law.

The settlements bar future violations of the CAN-SPAM Act and the Adult Labeling Rule. They also require that the defendants closely monitor the practices of their affiliate marketers to insure that they are not violating the law. ... Pure Marketing Solutions, LLC, a Florida company, and Internet Matrix Technology, a corporation based in Louisiana, will together pay $50,000. The settlements contain record-keeping provisions to allow the FTC to monitor the defendants’ compliance with the orders.

The complaint:

The stipulated judgement:

This is the death-blow.

In the judgement is this bit:

Michael H. Gardner, on behalf of
Pure Marketing Solutions, LLC, and
Internet Matrix Technology, Inc


Charter/Organization ID: 35189339D
Type Entity: Business Corporation
Status: Not Active (Voluntary action)
Last Report Filed on 02/14/2006
Mailing Address: 1027 FRIEDRICH ST., GRETNA, LA 70053
Domicile Address: 1027 FRIEDRICH ST., GRETNA, LA 70053
File Date: 12/21/2001
Registered Agent (Appointed 12/21/2001): DAVID VINTERELLA, 650 POYDRAS ST., STE. 2311, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130

Which lead to this in 2005:

Adult affiliate program PureCash will be shutting its doors and redirecting all traffic by midnight on March 14, according to a statement made by the company today.
Operated through a partnership between MikeAI’s HiRise Entertainment and Web Entertainment Group...

In early December, MikeAI and Serge Birbair handed over operation of the Oprano webmaster community to Jim McAnally and Nick.

Speaking of interesting connections to The Producers, check out Serge Birbrair.

Still doing business with / / etc.?? Why?
(I've got lots more for you...)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Sig

February 11th, 1971... Happy Birthday!

Hey Sig, love the pool. Awaiting my invitation to check it out in person.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A big link to SPAM


The jury convicted, Jeffrey A. Kilbride, 41, of Venice, Calif., and James
R. Schaffer, 41, of Paradise Valley, Ariz., on eight counts arising out of the
international pornographic spamming business they organized and ran in 2004. The
trial, which began on June 5, 2007, was the first to include charges under the
Controlling the Assault of Non-solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM)
Act of 2003. The law created by the CAN-SPAM Act was designed to crack down on
the transmission of pornography in commercial bulk unsolicited electronic mail

And from

Jeffrey A. Kilbride, 41, of Venice, Calif., and James R. Schaffer, 41, of
Paradise Valley, Ariz., had been sentenced to 72 months and 63 months in prison,
respectively, for running an international pornographic spam ring that took in
more than $1 million.

Kilbride and Schaffer were fined $100,000, ordered to pay $77,500 to AOL,
and will forfeit more than $1.1 million in illegal proceeds from their spam

So, where's the connection? Well, let's have a look at a little company called "Modern Internet Ventures, LLC" based in Louisiana. It was created in 2002 and it's still active according to the corporations database. It's members are Jeff Kilbride, Jim Schaffer (listed as JLM Media which connects to Jim ofcourse) and Michael Gardner. And the Registered agent is Sigmund J Solares.

Connection to convicted spammers? Check. That is what you are getting if you deal with Intercosmos, Directnic,, The Producers, Modern Domainer, etc....

Charter/Organization ID: 35268174K
Type Entity: Limited Liability Company
Status: Active
Annual Report Status: Not In Good Standing for failure to file current Annual Report
Last Report Filed on 05/16/2005
2008 Annual Report is required at this time Print Annual Report Form For Filing
Mailing Address: 1027 FREDRICKS STREET, GRETNA, LA 70053
Domicile Address: 1027 FREDRICKS STREET, GRETNA, LA 70053
File Date: 05/13/2002
Registered Agent (Appointed 5/13/2002): SIGMUND J. SOLARES, 650 POYDRAS ST., SUITE 1150, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130
Member or Manager: JLM MEDIA, 10645 N. TATUM BLVD., SUITE 200 #484, PHOENIX, AZ 85028
Member or Manager: JEFF KILBRIDE, 13428 MAXELLA AVE., #318, MARINA DEL RAY, CA 90292
Member or Manager: MICHAEL GARDNER, 1027 FRIEDRICHS ST., GRETNA, LA 70053

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dell Inc. v. Sigmund J. Solares

Dell Inc v. Sigmund J Solares; Intercosmos Media Group, Inc d/b/a; Domain Contender LLC; Alternative Identity, Inc f/k/a NOLDC, Inc; and Zipa LLC

Yes a case against Sig and some of his companies for cybersquatting.

I truely LOVE this part:
"Defendants have attempted to conceal their involvement in this scheme by acting under fictitious names, including "Kenyatech," Kentech, Inc.," "Kentech Co Ltd.," "Spiral Matrix," "Titan Net," "Orion Web," "Domain Master," "Helios Lab," "Panda Ventures," and "Domain Purchase" (collectively, "Kenyatech Monikers")."

It's a long read through it all but it's worth it. I'll even give away the ending. Sig gets his ass handed to him and settles with Dell. I've heard it was a multimillion dollar settlement.

How long until something like this happens again with Belize Domain Whois Service?

For all those who have emailed me wondering who Belize Domain Whois Service Lt is, these are the guys.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Domainer Mardi Gras

Modern Domainer cordially invites you to the 2009 Domainer Mardi Gras at the Westin Canal Place, in New Orleans Louisiana!

Taking place February 19th through February 21, 2009, Domainer Mardi Gras is a one of kind event that the industry will remember for years to come. Domainer Mardi Gras will be held the weekend before the actual Mardi Gras “Fat Tuesday”. Plenty of city-wide carnival action will be available during the conference, and revelers may want to plan to stick around for a couple of days after the conference to enjoy Fat Tuesday.

Domainer Mardi Gras is opened to all domainers and internet domain name related professionals. Domainer Mardi Gras will blend conference sessions on the hottest industry issues with the flavor and uniqueness of New Orleans’ carnival.

So I've been chatting with Donny Simonton on Facebook for a while before my account was suspended (hmm, I wonder why??) Anyway we were talking about how I have all these links that connect The Producers to Kenyatech and Belize Whois Domain Services. He pleads his innocence as expected and offers another explanation and then claims that I'll never be able to prove it in court. Can I prove it in court? No. But I know the truth. Anyway, then he invites me to Domainer Mardi Gras where he has graciously offered to introduce me to the cyber-squatting owner(s) of Kenyatech. So Donny, are you paying for my entrance to this event as well?

Modern Domainer LLC is owned by:
TAMPA FL 33609 US will be there. Directnic will be there. I'd be guessing that Donny, Sig, Michael and more than a few of their minions would be attending. So if my invitation is revoked but you happen to go, please ask Sigmund, Donny and/or Michael about Kenyatech and Belize Whois Domain Service. Ask them about Dell Inc v. Intercosmos Media Group and why they settled. Tell them "Those Producers" sent you. They will love it!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Rate Directnic online...

Mark, a frequent visitor to this site, has sent me this in email:

"You should post this, then everyone can post their gripes in an even more public forum"

which links to

Thanks Mark... so, scammed by those producers recently? :)