Thursday, March 13, 2008

Michael Gardner - "MikeAI"

Michael Gardner (born Nov. 30, 1970) was on his way to becoming a lawyer in the mid 90s but soon changed his career path towards adult webmaster after posting some revealing pictures of his girlfriend on the internet. Michael became "MikeAI" (AI short for and brought his friends Sigmund Solares, Tim Turner, Billy Ceravollo, Stan Arseneaux, etc. along for the ride. Porn (mainly amateur porn) has built his multi-million dollar empire and he's started many companies including Purecash, Intercosmos Media, DirectNIC, Zipa, New Orleans Left Over Data Centers (NOLDC), Alternative Identity,, Modern Domainer, Interactiver Resources, Hi-Rise Entertainment, The Producers, Vexes Media, etc... including some that have him connected to cybersquatting...

He's currently living in a nice house in Clearwater Florida with his wife Katie...

More to come.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Noah Lieske: Chairman of the Board

Noah Lieske: Chairman of the Board

Mr. Lieske founded many companies as a serial entrepreneur, and currently serves as Chairman of The Board for both The Tuono Corporation and The Producers, Inc. The Producers, Inc., which he co-founded, is an international multi-media conglomerate generating over $200,000,000 per year. In addition, he serves as Chief Executive Officer of Xasax Corporation, an Ultra-high Frequency Financial Service Provider located in Naples, Florida.

Before all of this, Noah was involved (owned?) with Virtual Space Networks (, Free Sites Network (, etc. working with porn and spam. The Producers, Inc and every company they own was founded on porn and spam!

Friday, March 7, 2008

This blog...

This blog is for information on just some of the following individuals and companies:

Michael Howard Gardner - Michael H. Gardner, Michael Gardner, MikeAI, LucidPhoenix
Sigmund J. Solares - Sigmund Solares, Sig Solares
Michael Barnett - Buff Barnett, ikilled007, Mark Mateo
Noah S. Lieske - Noah Lieske
Matthew Smith

The Producers, Inc
Intercosmos Media Group
Vexes Media, LLC, LLC
Modern Domainer LLC
Hi-Rise Technology, INC
Interactive Resources Technology, INC
5505 West Gray Street, LLC
ABC Media Group, LLC
Domain Magic, LLC
Technopark Corp
Zipa LLC
Domain Contender, LLC
Domain Backers
Alternative Identity


Maybe even Belize Domain Whois Service and KenyaTech

Contact me at thoseproducers [at] !