Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Those Producers

I see they have found this blog and are visiting regularly. Hi guys! How's it going? How's Tampa, New Orleans, etc.? Who me? I'm doing great. Alot of people searching online for you guys and your companies. I guess people like to be informed about who they deal with (or compete with maybe). I don't know much myself but I've just gathered some information that's already publically available and provided it in one easy to find location. Let me know if I've gotten anything wrong so far.... I'd hate to be providing wrong information! Well, time for a coffee. It's been great chatting with you guys. Later dudes.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sigmund Solares

According to wikipedia:

Sigmund J. Solares is the CEO of New Orleans, Louisiana based Intercosmos Media Group, Inc., an Internet domain name registrar which does business as directNIC and Domain Contender. Intercosmos Media Group has sister companies of, Zipa LLC. ( and New Orleans Leftover Data Centers, Inc.( Intercosmos Media group focus primarily on Domain name sales. Its site company Zipa focuses on web hosting, managed hosting services, colocation, commercial bandwidth services, and becoming a regional peering point.

And my favorite part:

Solares has been the focus of controversy because his business has been accused of cybersquatting and trademark infringement, using its status as a registrar to acquire domains for little or no cost the instant they expire and then selling them back to the original owners. The WIPO has ruled against them in over 200 domain name disputes, although it has also upheld their claim in a few others.

If I was a cybersquatter, you know how I would operate? I'd own a major domain name registrar (and a few minor ones waiting in the wings) and I'd develop "Magic" domain name grabbing software to register expiring names and maybe some new ones that people are just checking to see if they are available. Then I'd host the domains using my own hosting company. Kinda handy. And I'd have the domain pointed to a domain parking company that I own that shows ads when people visit the site incase no one wants to buy their old domain from me. But if they do want to buy the domain from me, I'd better have my own domain escrow company to make it look like it's someone else doing the squatting. Etc., etc. Oh and I should be a lawyer incase anyone wants to take me to court and maybe a foreign company or two to hide behind. That's how I would operate I think. How would I pay for all this you ask? Well, obviously years ago I would have gotten together with a few buddies to sell porn online. I would've made millions and to keep track of all of our porn domain names, and to register new ones, we'd start the domain name registrar company. That how it would all start I guess. It's brilliant. But that's just my thoughts. Maybe it wouldn't work that way. Who knows.