Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dell Inc. v. Sigmund J. Solares

Dell Inc v. Sigmund J Solares; Intercosmos Media Group, Inc d/b/a; Domain Contender LLC; Alternative Identity, Inc f/k/a NOLDC, Inc; and Zipa LLC

Yes a case against Sig and some of his companies for cybersquatting.

I truely LOVE this part:
"Defendants have attempted to conceal their involvement in this scheme by acting under fictitious names, including "Kenyatech," Kentech, Inc.," "Kentech Co Ltd.," "Spiral Matrix," "Titan Net," "Orion Web," "Domain Master," "Helios Lab," "Panda Ventures," and "Domain Purchase" (collectively, "Kenyatech Monikers")."

It's a long read through it all but it's worth it. I'll even give away the ending. Sig gets his ass handed to him and settles with Dell. I've heard it was a multimillion dollar settlement.

How long until something like this happens again with Belize Domain Whois Service?

For all those who have emailed me wondering who Belize Domain Whois Service Lt is, these are the guys.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Domainer Mardi Gras

Modern Domainer cordially invites you to the 2009 Domainer Mardi Gras at the Westin Canal Place, in New Orleans Louisiana!

Taking place February 19th through February 21, 2009, Domainer Mardi Gras is a one of kind event that the industry will remember for years to come. Domainer Mardi Gras will be held the weekend before the actual Mardi Gras “Fat Tuesday”. Plenty of city-wide carnival action will be available during the conference, and revelers may want to plan to stick around for a couple of days after the conference to enjoy Fat Tuesday.

Domainer Mardi Gras is opened to all domainers and internet domain name related professionals. Domainer Mardi Gras will blend conference sessions on the hottest industry issues with the flavor and uniqueness of New Orleans’ carnival.

So I've been chatting with Donny Simonton on Facebook for a while before my account was suspended (hmm, I wonder why??) Anyway we were talking about how I have all these links that connect The Producers to Kenyatech and Belize Whois Domain Services. He pleads his innocence as expected and offers another explanation and then claims that I'll never be able to prove it in court. Can I prove it in court? No. But I know the truth. Anyway, then he invites me to Domainer Mardi Gras where he has graciously offered to introduce me to the cyber-squatting owner(s) of Kenyatech. So Donny, are you paying for my entrance to this event as well?

Modern Domainer LLC is owned by:
TAMPA FL 33609 US will be there. Directnic will be there. I'd be guessing that Donny, Sig, Michael and more than a few of their minions would be attending. So if my invitation is revoked but you happen to go, please ask Sigmund, Donny and/or Michael about Kenyatech and Belize Whois Domain Service. Ask them about Dell Inc v. Intercosmos Media Group and why they settled. Tell them "Those Producers" sent you. They will love it!