Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dell Inc. v. Sigmund J. Solares

Dell Inc v. Sigmund J Solares; Intercosmos Media Group, Inc d/b/a; Domain Contender LLC; Alternative Identity, Inc f/k/a NOLDC, Inc; and Zipa LLC

Yes a case against Sig and some of his companies for cybersquatting.

I truely LOVE this part:
"Defendants have attempted to conceal their involvement in this scheme by acting under fictitious names, including "Kenyatech," Kentech, Inc.," "Kentech Co Ltd.," "Spiral Matrix," "Titan Net," "Orion Web," "Domain Master," "Helios Lab," "Panda Ventures," and "Domain Purchase" (collectively, "Kenyatech Monikers")."

It's a long read through it all but it's worth it. I'll even give away the ending. Sig gets his ass handed to him and settles with Dell. I've heard it was a multimillion dollar settlement.

How long until something like this happens again with Belize Domain Whois Service?

For all those who have emailed me wondering who Belize Domain Whois Service Lt is, these are the guys.

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