Monday, June 30, 2008


So many questions! It seems this blog is doing well in the search results for anything to do with The Producers, Inc. and the number one question I get asked by email is for more information about Michael Gardner. (Hi Mike! I know you read this blog frequently it seems so why don't you add a comment? )

Anyway, on to Michael... We should probably leave the poor guy alone (poor, ha!). Don't go to and search for "Gardner, Michael H" even though it's all public information. (fun quiz: How many other Producers can you find on the site?)

Oh and don't do a whois search on You never know what kind of personal details you might find. (Until it gets changed ofcourse! But there is another better site to find this information if need be...)

Email me thoseproducers [AT] gmail

EDIT: Changed picture as I had used the old one previously... :)

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