Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OK flexo...

give me some advice as to how I canpunch him out for his bs AIDS site, bc
thats sick and illegal and we bothknow it.

Mr. flexo has been emailing me and he's the one who is STILL convinced that I am Michael Gardner... obviously I'm not. Why would I be writing this blog if I was? Anyway, he's finally asked me the direct question above. Well, Mr. flexo, I think the only way to "punch out" Mike / Vexes Media / / The Producers / etc is to go to the FBI and see what they have to say. You see, I can give you practically any info you want on the whole setup but you have no chance with The Producers in court. Mike almost became a lawyer himself. His friend and business partner Sigmund Solares IS a lawyer. They have an entire fleet of lawyers on payroll... Sam, David, etc. Mike has only been "punched out" once (that I can think of off the top of my head) and that was when his company got sued out of the porn business. These,, etc. sites are virtually untouchable using regular methods. That's why I'd say try the FBI.

Now, Mr. flexo (and anyone else!) please, if you have a direct question just ask! thoseproducers [at] gmail . com

Almost forgot to mention a few Vexes sites that I haven't posted before:

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