Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to Those Producers

I hope they have a great holiday!

I received a very interesting message through Facebook (yes, search for "Those Producers"!) from Mark DeShong. He works with Michael Gardner on Vexes Media and a new company HOAX.COM LLC. Anyway, he's not very happy with me. He claims I am a bad parent, bad husband and a bad Christian because of this blog. I tend to disagree. He wants me to delete this blog and then goes on to threaten me. I'm merely providing publicly available information to those interested in one simple blog. It's certainly not worth being threatened over...

Donny Simonton also sent me a message on Facebook: "Who are you?" Hilarious. Talk to Mark.

I noticed that whoever owns the photobucket account that I linked to a few weeks ago added a great video to the selection of pictures. Thanks to whoever it is. Check it out.

Oh and Christmas is fast approaching. Don't forget to send your favorite producer a card/gift:
Michael H. Gardner
Sigmund J. Solares
Noah S. Lieske
Donald Simonton
William Moore
Vernon Decosas
can all be reached at 5505 West Gray Street, Tampa, FL 33609! (Listed as the Producers head office. Also Parked.com, etc)

Also 650 Poydras Street Suite 1150 New Orleans, LA 70130 (Intercosmos, Directnic, etc.)

But really if you want to be personal, I'd recommend sending a card or a nice gift to home addresses. I won't post these addresses publicly but they are available by email or Facebook! And any Producer reading that doesn't want gifts/cards can let me know and I won't pass on your address.

I had something else to mention but I've forgotten it now. Next time!


Mark said...

DeShong is the biggest weasel on the planet. No talent hack who gets thrown an occasional bone from Gardner, no more. His threats are about as credible as his websites are funny...not at all.

Crazy Wild Things said...

Funny comments coming from a coward who's hiding.

Mark said...