Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Money can silence people

Pay someone enough money and they won't talk about what they aren't supposed to talk about...

Just ask Butch and Ezra.

Why do you think Butch Decossas became an official Producer? Why is Ezra James (Ezra Hodge) the editor of Modern Domainer? To shut them up of course.

I've gotten a few emails saying that some of the links in my last post are down. I guess the Producers asked Chris to take down the offending evidence. I haven't checked the links yet but I'll do that tonight. Until then, I'm sure Google has cached copies of the Kenyatech logo and the other good stuff. Google image search "site:mcfreeman.com" and regular search "site:mcfreeman.com".

Any comments from The Producers Inc yet?? The silence confirms the guilt.


Chris said...

Actually Dan, neither requests nor money had anything to do with it. I'd just appreciate it if you served the files for this little endeavor of yours on your own dime rather than on mine. If you want to link to my site great, but please have consideration enough not to direct link to the files. Thanks.

Ladibug said...

I'm so sorry that you are jealous of my father, Ezra Hodge. But you should not lie, as you so obviously are. He earned his job with hard work and dedication.