Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another update!

Looks like DailyContempt / Insulting.com have added to their wonderful collection of sites... Newly found are:


All run by:

Vexes Media, LLC
2519 McMullen Booth
Suite 510-323
Clearwater, FL 33761
CEO: Michael Gardner
Phone number available on request. I wouldn't want to post personal information on the internets. (Work, home, cell - whatever)

Oh, I got an email from Buff Barnett the other day wondering why I have brought his name into this blog, or as he says "personal vendetta" and "internet war". He's requested that I leave him out of it as he has never caused me any grief. And my reply to that is, maybe you have Buff. Maybe your little business Domain Magic LLC (now inactive) bought (really not bought obviously, more like snatched) up one of my domains and held it for ransom. Sounds like cybersquating, no? Maybe you are mentioned because of your connection to the producers and your past life as Chatroom Romeo with Purecash. Congrats on the new kid and life in Italy though. But I have to ask... Still running the domain name game in Italy? I'll leave you out of it all in exchange for some information. :)

So as I was driving around Atlanta the other day looking in vain for an address I found on a WHOIS search recently... looks like it's a fake address, what a shock! ICANN doesn't like fake whois info but I guess when you have a few domain registrars in your back pocket, they don't mind as much. Anyway, as I was driving around I remembered that I hadn't mentioned the teenybikini.com or teenyb.com sites (Katie Gardners little business). I have nothing against it or her, obviously... Just thought I'd mention it if anyone is looking to buy a bikini.

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