Monday, July 21, 2008

More Emails!

This blog gets more popular every day. The people searching Google for the various Producers and connected parties is increasing. Oh and for Buff, I see you always find us by searching for ikilled007, which I hope shows on the first search page for you in Italy.... I'll talk more about you in a bit to bump up the ranking. Or you could just bookmark the page like Michael and Sig have. (And to Michael and Sig... real original on the Garsol company name. Loved it. You guys have quite the real estate portfolio!)

Anyway, I get a bunch of emails asking for more information, etc. but one guy is now convinced I am Mike Gardner and that I'm posting this information to confuse people somehow. Well, I can tell you honestly that I am not Mike. And if you want any information at all, just ask me specifically in email and I'll get back to you. Really.

(There was a reporter that had emailed me about doing a story for CBS but I can't find your phone number. Please send it again! Thanks!)

thoseproducers [at] gmail . com

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