Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I was wrong... I guess

Michael Barnett has emailed again stating that I was wrong. He's never owned a company called Domain Magic LLC and hasn't dealt with his friends since 2003...

I guess it was an easy mistake for me. The company Domain Magic LLC was started by:
LUTZ FL 33549 US
according to in 2006 and then dissolved in 2007 after some unfortunate WIPO rulings against them. This was at a time when Michael was living around the Lutz area I believe and his friend Michael Gardner had used this same UPS store for at least one of his failed businesses (Prison Sports League). Not to mention that the domain name was registered through Intercosmos and is hosted by Zipa... Oh and the name Domain Magic was a proprietory Intercosmos thing from years ago. I had a great PDF that had some more info but I've since misplaced it... But I guess I'm wrong and it was all just a strange coincidence. And the fact that Buff was working with Purecash until it was sued out of business in 2005 doesn't mean anything either.

I'm sure Buff still thinks I'm "throwing a tantrum like a child", but I'm really just presenting the cold hard facts that I have found freely available on the internet.

But in this case, I'm wrong and I won't bother Buff anymore... Unless I get a chance to post a Mark Mateo picture. Those were hilarious!

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